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You are in: Parts > Citroen > C3 > Electrical system > Box fuse > Bsm delphi l03 9664055480 9661086980 zie.6500et 6500fh

Citroen C3 Box fuse - BSM/ DELPHI L03

Citroen C3 Box fuse BSM/ DELPHI L03/ 9664055480 9661086980/ ZIE.6500ET 6500FH
Brand Citroen
Model C3
Part group Electrical system
Part Box fuse
BSM/ DELPHI L03/ 9664055480 9661086980/ ZIE.6500ET 6500FH


You were looking for a Citroen C3 fuse box Bsm-delphi-l03-9664055480-9661086980-zie.6500et-6500fh as an important part of the Electrical-system. A broken fuse box can cause all kinds of electrical failures, because all functions come together in this device.

The right Citroen C3 fuse box?

When in doubt, we can check the compatibility of the Citroen C3 fuse box Bsm-delphi-l03-9664055480-9661086980-zie.6500et-6500fh. Making sure the part will fit your C3. Of course you can always contact us for more details. We ship mainly Citroen used car parts worldwide on a daily basis.

Citroen C3 fuse box shipment

Shipment of a Citroen C3 fuse box is a routine job for us. We ship used car parts worldwide using automotive shipping experts only. Our team will solidly pack the C3 fusebox, making sure it will arrive at your workshop properly.

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Latest reviews

Nicolae Marian - Sonderborg
06-2-2014 10:27

Thank you for the antenna. It's very good!


Massimo Fabrizi - Monte Roberto (Ancona, Italy)
29-1-2014 12:11
Finally, after 15 days my car has started. The fuse box has arrived in the early afternoon. I wanted to thank you for the professionalism and speed of...more

Marc Torner Tomas - Palma Mallorca Spain
11-9-2013 11:08
Dear Sir,

The airbag was received last friday. The airbag has been installed today and looks very nicely. Thanks a lot and congratulations...more