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Airco service

Your climate-control needs service: prevent unwanted smells!

The climate control system in your car is not even a luxury anymore these days. We simply count on it. However, this does not mean the system will keep doing ist job forever… the system will need maintenance regularly to maintain ist proper functioning. If not, it will definitively break down and probably on one of the least convenient moments!

The climate-control system needs maintenance for several reasons. One of them ist hat the system loses 10% of its coolant every year. A low coolant level will cause a lack of lubrication in your system in the warm months of the year. Eventually this will do substantial damage to your climate control.

Cleaning the system regularly will prevent uncomfortable smells entering your car. Our advice is to have the system cleaned with each inspection and have the interiorfilter changed as well. Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot Renault will can provide excellent maintenance work to your climate control using the latest equipment. This will help you to keep it cool through the warm summer months .

Maintenance includes:

Climate control, het aircosysteem heeft onderhoud nodig

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