Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot is member of and acknowledged by:

Bovag, Dutch governing body for car dealers
Bovag, Dutch governing body for car dealers

Stiba Dutch cardismantlers association logo
Stiba, governing body for certified vehicle dismantlers. 

ARN, Dutch expertisecentre for vehicle recycling.
ARN, Dutch expertisecentre for vehicle recycling.

PCA, Dutch CitroŽn & Peugeot specialists association 
PCA, Dutch Citroën & Peugeot specialists association.

Achmea Schadeservice
Achmea Schadeservice, car damage management services for insurance- and leasecompanies.

ARA, worldwide cardismantlers association.
ARA, worldwide cardismantlers association.

Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit (VbV), prevents fraud in the sales of damaged vehicles.
Verzekeringsbureau Voertuigcriminaliteit (VbV), prevents fraud in the sales of damaged vehicles.  

RDW (Rijksdienst Wegverkeer), Dutch government institution for vehicle registrations.
RDW (Rijksdienst Wegverkeer), Dutch government institution for vehicle registrations.

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