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Making of a Citroen DS rallycar
Release date: 17-09-2013

Citroen DS Rally Bart Ebben almost race-ready

After a long time of silence we are now able to show you some very positive news on our classic Citroen DS Rally built project! Apart from a few technical details we have achieved a very nice final result! This rallycar will be extremely hard to miss in its applegreen and red livery, we have already had some very poitive feedback.

First the rally DS was shown at a local event in Mook (NL):
Bart Ebben Citroen DS Rally on Molenhoekdag 2013 in Mook(NL)Bart Ebben Citroen DS Rally Classic on Molenhoekdag 2013 in Mook (NL)

And on the 14th of september 2013 the classic rallycar was an attraction on the Citroen DS Racing show at our collegea Van Hunnik Ede(NL):
Bart Ebben Citroen DS Rally in showroom Ede(NL) at the DS Racing show  Bart Ebben Citroen DS Rally in showroom van Hunnik Ede at the Citroen DS Racing show

One has got to do what he has to do...
Initially this project started as a restoration of an old but promising Citroën DS. But after a short while the old racing roots came back to the surface and the plan changed into the creation of a Citroen DS classic rallycar project. 

So luxury and comfort had to be thrown out of the window and efficiency and extra safety became the new key factors.

The original rear fenders were modified for rally purposes.

Fender design Citroen DS Classic Rally   

Theodor took care of the design, Bart did the grinding afterwards.

Grinding, cutting Citroen DS Classic Rally Bart Ebben

Racy bucket seats were installed where the comfortable sofa once was. A specially designed seat frame had to be welded in order to provide the right driving position. 6 point racing harnesses were mounted to keep the drivers in their seats at all times.

Raceseats Citroen DS Classic Rally 

Both men are hungry to compete! But they are even more eager to return home safely in case of a crash.
That's why a certified rollcage was installed by an expert.  

Lot's of tubing welded into the car, a fair bit of science was involved to achieve the right safety results.

Safe and sound with bucket seats, racy feeling once you have managed to get into the car. It has to de road legal as well. 

Checking the dashboardwiring became a time consuming job. Allthough Theodor suffers from color blindness, we still managed to get the wiring sorted. Bart was never far away with his voltmeter. 

Once we got the engine running, there was still a lot of work to be done. 
To be continued....

Theodor & Bart
Bart Ebben Specialist Citroen Peugeot       

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