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SV Hatert Nijmegen
Release date: 20-07-2012

Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot Renault main sponsor SV HatertMain soccer team SV Hatert 2010

Since 2010 Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot Renault has taken on the main sponsorship of Sportsclub SV Hatert. Together with CSS Cleaning the funding for the club is shared. The Bart Ebben logo is proudly presented on the front end of the footballshirts.

Sportsclub S.V. Hatert is based on sportspark De Vossendijk in Nijmegen. With approximately 600 members there are events on the park constantly. De sportsclub provides:

- 14 teams youth football/soccer (one girls team), 5 senior teams and 1 G-team 
  at S.V. Hatert
- American Football at the Bart Ebben Nijmegen Pirates Football Shirt soccer team SV Hatert 2010
- Tennis on 3 tenniscourts 
- Darts en biljarts at the clubhouse.

Besides the core activities the sportspark is used for all kinds of local events, making it a lively place in the city.

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