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Leandro Toro - Stafford Qld Australia
I've received the part today, thank you very much for your help, if I need another part I will contact you.
Gianluca Vitiello - Borgo Paive
The package arrived! the new looks, you are a serious company, accurate, fast, good seller and I want to make other purchases with you. thank you very much
Kevin Hayes - Hawthorn East, Australia
Thanks Rob - it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks for all help!

(Citroen C5 suspension pump)
Jeffrey Tang - Hong Kong
Perfect transaction. I got the ABS module within a week even though I live in Hong Kong so far away. Good services and recommend to all.
Philippe Larcher - Paris
Radio/GPS received this morning.
Good job!
Best regards,
Andrew Houghton - Townsville, Australia
Hi Bart,
For your records, the calliper was received here on the morning of 14 Sept. All received in good order.

Once again, greatly
Soldner Ralph - Marktsteft Germany
Hallo ! Thank u soooo much for helping me you are realy a gread place to go and your service and handling customer is outstanding ..keep on the way you
Andrew Houghton - Townsville, Australia


I will contact you for any further parts for my Citroen and I will advise others at this end of the outstand