To keep meeting demand and to further increase the quality of our Citroen Peugeot used car parts, we are expanding our warehouse for spares and cars. 

In 2016 the Dutch car recycling reached a record recyclingpercentage of 98,7 percent of the weight of all dismantled cars! 

To encourage the reuse of automotive parts and help the consumer car workshops in France are obliged to offer used car parts for repairs. This law is in force from January 1, 2017 and should facilitate the selection of second-hand spare parts for the car owner.

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After a long time of hard work we are proud of the end result of our classic Citroen DS Rally built project! Apart from a few technical details we have achieved a very nice final result! This rallycar will be extremely hard to miss in its applegreen and red livery, we have already had some very positive feedback.

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