AkzoNobel incentive car body repairshops at Bart Ebben

category: Car parts

Total loss… or let’s get to work!?

How to prevent cars’s from becoming an economical total loss? That was the question during the AkzoNobel sessions for Acoat selected car body workshops at Bart Ebben.

23 Acoat Selected-entrepeneurs were given solutions for preventing cars from becoming a Total loss and to increase their profit. During the session creative solutions were shown to help the bodyshops repair damaged cars with used parts and saving money by doing so. The money saving will result in more repairs and less economical total loss cars, while still maintaining a high repair quality.  

At Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot the participants were given an inside view on a modern cardismantling company. All aspects were highlighted like the high quality standards, clever purchasing, and timesaving by using used parts. All participants were impressed by what they saw at the Bart Ebben company and got inspired to take advantage of the new possibilities used parts could give them.

Bodyshops learn how to repair damaged cars with used parts

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