Corporate Responsibility Award 2011 Nomination

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Efforts Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot rewarded

Bart Ebben Corporate Responsibility Award 2011 nominationOn monday April 11th the regional Corporate Responsibility Award 2011 (in Dutch MVO Award) was presented. One of only three nominees was car dismantling company Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot! Bart Ebben only just missed the Award, but seriously impressed the jury. This nomination proves the "Sustainable enterpreneurship" of the company. Of course the used carparts form the core of the sustainable business, pure recycling really serves the environment. Over 90% of a car can already be recycled by selling parts worldwide and clever recycling techniques. But the Bart Ebben doesn't stop just there, e.g. Broken electonic car components can be repaired saving lots of money and raw materials. 

But Corporate (Social) Responsibility (CSR) is not only about the product sold. The way of doing business is just as important, taking good care of the staff, the community and the environment are key factors as well. Inside the company building work is done on impervious floors and lights are only switched on in areas where people are actually working. Fluids are extracted from the cars using a sophisticated vacuumsystem. Regarding to the personnel, there are 2 young employees that have a small mental disabillity and also older people get a chance to find their job in the company. Another worker is a member of the voluntary fire patrol, Bart Ebben enables him to do his job even during working hours. The same fire patrol plans training on cars at the Bart Ebben company regularly.

Several local sports clubs get Bart Ebben sponsorships, particularly those that put a lot of effort into children's sports programmes. 

The small summary of Bart Ebben's activities shows that the business is doing many different things to reach a Sustainability-level as high as possible without losing the commercial goals out of sight.

Bart Ebben nominated for MVO Award MVO Award 2011 nominee Bart Ebben Citroen Peugeot with marketeer Peter van der Sluis

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