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Dutch car recycling 2016 exceeds 98 percent - used car parts


Dutch car recycling 2016 exceeds 98 percent - used car partsIn 2016 the Dutch car recycling reached a record recyclingpercentage of 98,7 percent of the weight of all dismantled cars! Because of the effort of car dismantlers, shredder companies and recycling companies the mandatory 95% was exceeded with a big margin. In total 185.740 cars were dismantled which resulted in 57 miljon kilograms of recycling materials.

Car parts reuse

88,9% of the 98,7% is reached by product and material reuse. The sales of used car parts is a very important share of this 88,9% with reuse being the most pure form of recycling.

Recycling fee on new cars

To fund the whole recycling circle Dutch new car buyers pay a mandatory recycling fee of Euro 42,50 per car. This fee is suspected to drop to Euro 35,- by 2020 due to further efficiency improvements in the system.

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