Expanding our Citroen Peugeot used car parts warehouse

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To keep meeting demand and to further increase the quality of our Citroen Peugeot used car parts, we are expanding our warehouse for spares and cars. 

Steel frame construction Bart Ebben used car parts Citroen Peugeot warehouse

Both car parts and vehicles will be stocked in specific racking and with this step we are bringing our whole company indoors.

Car parts warehouse and car storage

Straight behind our existing building another one will arise to a height of about 12 meters and with a capacity of 22.000 qubic meters. To make full use of this space the vehicles will be stored in tailor made steel racking. For the parts man-up orderpickers will reach even to the top shelves through the aisles. 

We keep you postedExpansion map new building Bart Ebben Citroen Peugeot used car parts - indoor Car stock and spares warehouse

The build has started late last year and we are planning to have things operational somewhere half way 2018. In the mean time we will keep you posted on this webpage and our social media. 

The first cars have been moved into the new warehouse, the special racking allows us to store more of them within a limited amount of space. The top levels of the racking will also contain used car spares.

First Citroen Peugeot cars moved into the warehouse racking

Partially the new building is used to store used car parts, the racking goes up to 11 meters in height.

Warehouse used car parts Citroen Peugeot stock

The installation of the superflat concrete floor has been something special. Since we are going to use order picker trucks on heights up to 11 meters the floor needs to be extremely flat. A video was made to give you an overview of this specialist job:



Please check the video below, it will give you a good impression of the size of our expansion after the wall panels en roofing panels have been installed:

And the construction of the steel frame

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