French dealers obliged to offer used car parts for repairs

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To encourage the reuse of automotive parts and help the consumer car workshops in France are obliged to offer used car parts for repairs. This law is in force from January 1, 2017 and should facilitate the selection of second-hand spare parts for the car owner.

Used car parts offer compulsory for car workshops in France

Applicable on these parts

The law applies to repairs on passenger cars and small delivery vans and covers the following components:
- Removable parts of the body (eg doors, fenders, bumpers).
- Removable parts and interior seats
- Glass panes, which are not be glued
- Lighting
- Mechanical and electronic components, with the exception of:
  1. parts of the drive;
  2. components of the steering system;
  3. Parts of the brake circuit;
  4. non-removable parts of the chassis prone to mechanical wear.

Exceptions to the law

There are a few exceptions however, the dealer does not have to fulfill the obligation in the event of the following exceptions:French car workshops obliged to offer used car parts for repairs to customers
- Repair or maintenance is carried out for free, or are part of the guarantee;
- The used parts are not available within the usual time to repair;
- That at the discretion of the dealer by using used parts creates a serious risk to the environment, public health or road safety.
For those who know the French language, find the details of the new French law.

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