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CITROEN C3 Map sensor - B 1.1 8V HFX/ B

B 1.1 8V HFX/ BOSCH 0261230043 9639381480/ 4 PINS/
Car brand Citroen
Model C3
Part group Electrical-system
Part Map-sensor
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5 car parts found in stock
D1 9639381480 0261230043 RAR
KM: 000
price: On request
C1 Bosch 0261230043 1920AJ JDJ JH
KM: 145.000
price: On request
D1 BOSCH 0261230043 1920AJ 9639381480 BW
KM: 158.000
price: On request
D1 BOSCH 0261230043 9639381480 1920AJ BW
KM: 192.000
price: On request
D1 1920AJ JDJ Bosch 0261230043 JH
KM: 199.000
price: On request