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CITROEN Jumpy 4(k0) Kabelboom stekker - MOTORBOOM/ HDI

MOTORBOOM/ HDI 2.0 16V AH01 DW10FD/ ZIE 9806852980

Car brand Citroen
Model Jumpy-4(k0)
Part group Electrical-system
Part Kabelboom-stekker
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9806852980 EJ
KM: 3.000
price: On request

Ordering a complete Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) wire harness wiring Motorboom/ hdi 2.0 16v ah01 dw10fd/ zie 9806852980  can reduce the amount of labour drastically when doing electrical wiring repairs to your Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) electrical system. A used Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) Kabelboom-stekker Motorboom/ hdi 2.0 16v ah01 dw10fd/ zie 9806852980  will save you money once more on the purchase price. We can actually cut the wiring to size following your individual requirements. Please contact us for more information.