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CITROEN Jumpy 4(k0) Pump aircon - SANDEN/ MODEL 1

SANDEN/ MODEL 1767F/ R1234YF/ 9808730580/ ZIE 9808729680
Car brand Citroen
Model Jumpy-4(k0)
Part group Heat-cool-vent
Part Pump-aircon
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A1 ALS NIEUW MODEL 1767F 9808730580 9808729680 1614326680 DD
KM: 2.000
price: On request

Bart Ebben can supply a replacement airconditioning pump Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) Sanden/ model 1767f/ r1234yf/ 9808730580/ zie 9808729680 1614326680 or compressor second hand. We stock many used aircon compressors in our warehouse and sell them with a warranty.

Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) AC compressor failure

Sometimes your Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) airconditioning or climate control fails due to a broken pump. A used airconpump can provide an affordable and green solution to your Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) A/C pump problem. When there is an AC compressor failure, the refrigerant can not be compressed and circulated through the system anymore.

More Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) car parts

More Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) car parts can be found in our online catalogue. Our stock contains a wide variety of second hand car parts for your Citroen Jumpy-4(k0). Regarding the airconditioning we stock condensers and Evaporators too, but you can ask us for nearly every autopart on your Citroen Jumpy-4(k0).