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CITROEN Jumpy 4(k0) L drive shaft - HDI 1.6 8V BH02

HDI 1.6 8V BH02 DV6FDU FAP/ HAND/ 5 BAK/ 8PP68 7593181
9806152680/ ZIE 9817720580
Car brand Citroen
Model Jumpy-4(k0)
Part group Trans-gearbox
Part L-drive-shaft
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A1 ALS NIEUW A1 8PP68 7593181 9806152680 9817720580 DD
KM: 2.000
price: On request

Please request a second hand Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) left driveshaft Hdi 1.6 8v bh02 dv6fdu fap/ hand/ 5 bak/ 8pp68 7593181 9806152680/ zie 9817720580 at Bart Ebben without any obligations. A used part can solve your drive shaft problems with e.g. one of the universal joints or a splined joint in a financially attractive way.

Find the right Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) left driveshaft

Please ask us when you are hesitant about the Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) right driveshaft Hdi 1.6 8v bh02 dv6fdu fap/ hand/ 5 bak/ 8pp68 7593181 9806152680/ zie 9817720580 being right for your car. Our salesmen will help you find which Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) driveshaft will fit the leftt hand side of your car.

Shipment of a Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) driveshaft

Shipment of Citroen used car parts like a Citroen Jumpy-4(k0) driveshaft is an every day job for us at Bart Ebben. We know how to pack second hand autoparts like a driving shaft properly. The actual shipment is taken care of by highly qualified companies only.