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CITROEN Jumpy Intercooler - HDI 1.6 8V 9HM

HDI 1.6 8V 9HM 9H07 DV6UC/ T3/ X4672002/ ZIE.1440084580

Car brand Citroen
Model Jumpy
Part group Engine-cooling
Part Intercooler
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B1 BEHR X4672002 1440084580 TN ID EJ
KM: 65.000
price: On request

Welcome to our Citroen Jumpy Intercooler Hdi 1.6 8v 9hm 9h07 dv6uc/ t3/ x4672002/ zie.1440084580 catalogue page. Replace your broken intercooler with an affordable second hand part. As on of the vital parts in the engine coolingsystem a damaged or corroded intercooler needs immediate replacement. Please send us a part request and we will reply quickly, providing you with our current stock level, prices and shipment details.

Citroen Jumpy Intercooler worldwide shipping

Shipping Citroen used car parts like a Citroen Jumpy Intercooler is a daily job at Bart Ebben. We have gained loads of experience on how to pack second hand autoparts properly. The actual shipment is left to highly qualified companies only.