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CITROEN Nemo Pump aircon - HDI 1.3 16V FHZ

HDI 1.3 16V FHZ F13DTE5 199B1000/ FAB/ 55KW-75HP/ 4 BOUTS
BEV. DENSO B837 SCSC06 5A797600 517469310 HFC134A B0253 5A7975600 HFC134A
Car brand Citroen
Model Nemo
Part group Heat-cool-vent
Part Pump-aircon
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5 car parts found in stock
KM: 1.000
price: On request
A1 DENSO B837 5A797600 517469310 HFC134A BE
KM: 1.000
price: On request
A1 5A7975600 517469310 B0253 B837 BW
KM: 1.000
price: On request
A1 DENSO B837 SCSC06 5A7975600 517469310 JDK
KM: 3.000
price: On request
C1 DENSO 5A7975600 517469310 GS
KM: 141.000
price: On request

Bart Ebben can supply a replacement airconditioning pump Citroen Nemo Hdi 1.3 16v fhz f13dte5 199b1000/ fab/ 55kw-75hp/ 4 bouts bev. denso b837 scsc06 5a797600 517469310 hfc134a b0253 5a7975600 hfc134a or compressor second hand. We stock many used aircon compressors in our warehouse and sell them with a warranty.

Citroen Nemo AC compressor failure

Sometimes your Citroen Nemo airconditioning or climate control fails due to a broken pump. A used airconpump can provide an affordable and green solution to your Citroen Nemo A/C pump problem. When there is an AC compressor failure, the refrigerant can not be compressed and circulated through the system anymore.

More Citroen Nemo car parts

More Citroen Nemo car parts can be found in our online catalogue. Our stock contains a wide variety of second hand car parts for your Citroen Nemo. Regarding the airconditioning we stock condensers and Evaporators too, but you can ask us for nearly every autopart on your Citroen Nemo.