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CITROEN Xantia Turbocharger - HDI 2.0 RHY DW1

HDI 2.0 RHY DW10TD/ 90PK/ KKK K03324066 K03-324.066/
ZIE.0375E0 0375H7
Car brand Citroen
Model Xantia
Part group Engine-ancills
Part Turbocharger
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7 car parts found in stock
KKK K03324066 K03 023 CP5018849 BE
KM: 115.000
price: On request
KKK K03-324.066 0375E0 0375H7 JH
KM: 135.000
price: On request
k03324066 k03023 ce5017354 BW
KM: 180.000
price: On request
K03324066 ALS NIEUW RV
KM: 21.000
price: On request
+ uitlaatspruitstuk k03-324.066
KM: 50.000
price: On request
KM: 78.000
price: On request
HDI 2.0 RHY K03324066 BE EX JV
KM: 89.000
price: On request

Find your Citroen Xantia Turbocharger Hdi 2.0 rhy dw10td/ 90pk/ kkk k03324066 k03-324.066/ zie.0375e0 0375h7 here in our Engine-ancills overview. Replace your broken turbocharger by a used turbo and save loads of money and serve the environment in the process! By clicking the orange button above you can see our stock for this car part and send us a part request for a particular Citroen Xantia Turbocharger Hdi 2.0 rhy dw10td/ 90pk/ kkk k03324066 k03-324.066/ zie.0375e0 0375h7.

Determine the exact reason for the Citroen Xantia failure first

While the manufacturers are downsizing their engines the turbocharger gets a more and more important role. As a result we see a rising demand for second hand turbochargers. Before you replace your damaged compressor you should make sure you have found the actual cause of the turbocharger failure. In many cases the problem is caused by some other problem. Before mounting the replacement part oil lines and oil filters need to be replaced or cleaned thoroughly and the engine oil needs to be changed.

Citroen Xantia used turbocharger shipment

We can take care of Citroen Xantia used turbocharger shipment to destinations worldwide. Just send us a part request or call 0031 24 348 80 11 and let us provide you with the right Citroen Xantia turbo. Find more parts in our online parts search.