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CITROEN Xm Rf window mechanism - 4 DEURS HAND


Car brand Citroen
Model Xm
Part group Doors
Part Rf-window-mechanism
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You have selected the Citroen Xm right front window mechanism 4 deurs hand or regulator. Bart Ebben sells many used window mechanisms or widow lifters, it proofs to be a vulnerable part in Citroen cars. When you know the Citroen Xm right front window mechanism 4 deurs hand is exactly the part for your Xm, please send us a part request for more information on stock level, price and shipment costs.

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Don't hesitate to send us a part request when you are uncertain about the right type of window mechanism for your right front door. We can match the chosen car part with your Citroen Xm. Important things like manual or electrical operation for example are taken into account.

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Shipping Citroen second hand car parts worldwide is what we do every day since a very long time. Shipment of a Citroen Xm right front door window mechanism is carefully done by our very experienced staff to ensuring that no damage can be done to the window lifting mechanism ordered. Our salesteam can inform you on the shipping details regarding shipment to your particular location.