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CITROEN Xm Ecu - B 2.0 16V XU10J

B 2.0 16V XU10J4R/ BOSCH MP52 0261204650 + STARTCODE/
9630402380/ ZIE 1929RV 1929RW
Car brand Citroen
Model Xm
Part group Electrical-system
Part Ecu
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3 car parts found in stock
C1 BOSCH 0261204650 CODE 1111 1929RW 1XCOHARN JDK DK
KM: 136.000
price: On request
E1 BOSCH 1929RV NFP 0261204650 MP5.2 9630402380 971022 26FM0480 70360175 77022 +STARTCODE:1379 FK
KM: 248.000
price: On request
BOSCH 0261204650 MP5.2 9630402380 STARTCODE 1110 +STEKKER 1929RW BB
KM: 261.000
price: On request

Thanks for visiting our Citroen Xm Ecu B 2.0 16v xu10j4r/ bosch mp52 0261204650 + startcode/ 9630402380/ zie 1929rv 1929rw webpage. Engine control units can often be causing problems in the electrical system, but this is not always the case. Our salesmen can inform you on how to determine the cause of the electrical failure in the engine management. Once it is sure that the Citroen Xm Ecu B 2.0 16v xu10j4r/ bosch mp52 0261204650 + startcode/ 9630402380/ zie 1929rv 1929rw is the proper ECU for your Citroen Xm, please send us a part request.  

Complete Citroen ECU sets

Often an ECU can only be changed when the BSI (Body control module), ignition lock and ignition key are changed as well. We sell these as a complete set. Don't hesitate to contact our sales office for advice on ECU changes.

Citroen Xm ECU shipment

Once we can arrange a deal on a Citroen Xm ECU, we can take care of shipment. Our salesmen will inform you on the shipment rates to your location.