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CITROEN Xm Trans gearbox - B 2.0 16V RFV/

B 2.0 16V RFV/ HAND/ BE3/ 20TA08 20TA53 20TD01 20TD67
20TE42/ CP14X62/ ZIE.222282 2223C7 2201TP
Car brand Citroen
Model Xm
Part group Trans-gearbox
Part Trans-gearbox
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C1 20TA08 7764253 BE
KM: 110.000
price: On request

You have selected a Citroen Xm gearbox - transmission B 2.0 16v rfv/ hand/ be3/ 20ta08 20ta53 20td01 20td67 20te42/ cp14x62/ zie.222282 2223c7 2201tp. Requesting this gearbox is easy, just click the button above. We stock a wide range of used Citroen gearboxes in our warehouse. Save a lot of money too by replacing a broken gearbox by a second hand transmission. As a modern and reliable car breaker we provide a warranty on our salvage gearboxes.

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You can request a Citroen Xm gearbox - transmission by using the button above. However, you can also send us a part request when you would like us to search the right gearbox or transmission for your Citroen Xm. There are so many models, gear ratios, manual or automatic, etc. making the choice really hard sometimes. We will help you out!

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More Citroen Xm car parts can be found in our car part catalogue. Our stock is huge and very versatile, so there's a big chance we can provide you with the autoparts needed.

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Shipment of a Citroen Xm gearbox is a daily job for us. We ship used car parts worldwide using automotive shipping experts only. Our team will pack the transmission in a very solid way, making sure it will arrive properly.