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You are in: Parts > Citroen > Zx > Trans gearbox > L drive shaft > B 1.6 1.8 1.9 2.0 d 1.8 1.9 abs 8gn82 8jn01

CITROEN Zx L drive shaft - B 1.6+1.8+1.9+2

CITROEN Zx L drive shaft B 1.6+1.8+1.9+2.0/ D 1.8+1.9/ -ABS/ 8GN82 -8JN01
Model Zx
Part group Trans gearbox
Part L drive shaft
B 1.6+1.8+1.9+2.0/ D 1.8+1.9/ -ABS/ 8GN82 -8JN01
-8KN71 -8KN 77 3272Y3

2 Parts found in stock

  KM Comment  
1. 202.000  
2. 75.000  

Please request a second hand Citroen Zx left driveshaft B 1.6+1.8+1.9+2.0/ d 1.8+1.9/ -abs/ 8gn82 -8jn01 -8kn71 -8kn 77 3272y3 at Bart Ebben without any obligations. A used part can solve your drive shaft problems with e.g. one of the universal joints or a splined joint in a financially attractive way.

Find the right Citroen Zx left driveshaft

Please ask us when you are hesitant about the Citroen Zx right driveshaft B 1.6+1.8+1.9+2.0/ d 1.8+1.9/ -abs/ 8gn82 -8jn01 -8kn71 -8kn 77 3272y3 being right for your car. Our salesmen will help you find which Citroen Zx driveshaft will fit the leftt hand side of your car.

Shipment of a Citroen Zx driveshaft

Shipment of Citroen used car parts like a Citroen Zx driveshaft is an every day job for us at Bart Ebben. We know how to pack second hand autoparts like a driving shaft properly. The actual shipment is taken care of by highly qualified companies only.   

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Latest reviews

D. Artiaga - St. Neots, Cambridge
13-2-2018 13:35
I would like to thank you for the quick service i have received from you and the company.
I received my parcel and i am very happy with it
Thank you

Ken Farrar - Southampton
05-1-2018 15:37
Just A quick note to say thank you The part turned up safely and has now been succesfully fitted. As a result of sourcing the part through yourselve...more

George Sinclair - Banchory, Scotland
07-11-2017 11:16
Hi Tom received fuel tank today many thanks for all your help, getting it fitted on Friday this week.
Again many thanks.

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