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You are in: Parts > Citroen > Zx > Trans gearbox > L drive shaft > B 1.6 1.8 1.9 abs dia.bakzijde 25,5mm 8gn04

CITROEN Zx L drive shaft - B 1.6+1.8+1.9/

Model Zx
Part group Trans gearbox
Part L drive shaft
B 1.6+1.8+1.9/ -ABS/ DIA.BAKZIJDE 25,5MM/ 8GN04
8GN84 8GN86 8HN92 8HN98 3272A8(N) 96177248 3272FC(R)

Unfortunately the part is unavailable at the moment.

Please request a second hand Citroen Zx left driveshaft B 1.6+1.8+1.9/ -abs/ dia.bakzijde 25,5mm/ 8gn04 8gn84 8gn86 8hn92 8hn98 3272a8(n) 96177248 3272fc(r) at Bart Ebben without any obligations. A used part can solve your drive shaft problems with e.g. one of the universal joints or a splined joint in a financially attractive way.

Find the right Citroen Zx left driveshaft

Please ask us when you are hesitant about the Citroen Zx right driveshaft B 1.6+1.8+1.9/ -abs/ dia.bakzijde 25,5mm/ 8gn04 8gn84 8gn86 8hn92 8hn98 3272a8(n) 96177248 3272fc(r) being right for your car. Our salesmen will help you find which Citroen Zx driveshaft will fit the leftt hand side of your car.

Shipment of a Citroen Zx driveshaft

Shipment of Citroen used car parts like a Citroen Zx driveshaft is an every day job for us at Bart Ebben. We know how to pack second hand autoparts like a driving shaft properly. The actual shipment is taken care of by highly qualified companies only.   

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Latest reviews

D. Artiaga - St. Neots, Cambridge
13-2-2018 13:35
I would like to thank you for the quick service i have received from you and the company.
I received my parcel and i am very happy with it
Thank you

Ken Farrar - Southampton
05-1-2018 15:37
Just A quick note to say thank you The part turned up safely and has now been succesfully fitted. As a result of sourcing the part through yourselve...more

George Sinclair - Banchory, Scotland
07-11-2017 11:16
Hi Tom received fuel tank today many thanks for all your help, getting it fitted on Friday this week.
Again many thanks.

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