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PEUGEOT Rcz Switch combination - CRUISE CONTROLE


Car brand Peugeot
Model Rcz
Part group Relays
Part Switch-combination
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4 car parts found in stock
96637157 12272004 6242Z8 FK
KM: 67.000
price: On request
96637157XT 12272004 6242Z8 EJ
KM: 156.000
price: On request
96470494XT 6242Z8 FK
KM: 168.000
price: On request
96637157XT 6242Z8 EJ
KM: 204.000
price: On request

You have chosen a second hand Peugeot Rcz combination switch Cruise controle/ limit-cruise/ zie 6242z8 from our catalogue. The differences between indicator switches or wiper switches are often very small. But sometimes small details will determine whether a switch will fit your car or not. Functions like radio control, cruise control, fog lights, window wipers, indicator lights will all have to keep working.

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Once you have reuested a Peugeot Rcz combination switch Cruise controle/ limit-cruise/ zie 6242z8 above we will check this with your vehicle as well. We know choosing the right model isn't easy and we want to make sure you get te right Peugeot Rcz indicator switch or wiper switch.