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Jan Bonte - Deventer

Very fast delivery. Unfortunately my garage won't be able to install it until next week. Thanks!

Dimitri - Oosterhout

Hello, part arrived already on Wednesday and installed yesterday. Thanks for the quick service!

Steve - Melbourne

Just want to say thank you for the service you provided to me. I left your details with my Peugeot dealer service team as they often look to advise clie

Hans - Elburg

customer satisfied, thanks again for the fast service!!

Elke Gidde - Kronshagen

Great service and great advice. Will definitely buy from Bart Ebben again and I can recommend it 100%. Very fast shipping - and helped with that too. Ev

Peter - Ritterhude

I would like to thank you very much for the good communication and the trust that you sent out the second switching robot even though the first one had

Roy Malden - Waalwijk

Thank you very much for the quick delivery!

Nabil Bousstta - Malden

GPS / radio antenna Citroen C4. Easily ordered by mail, quick response. Paid and received the next day. 2nd hand, but works perfect! Thanks to Tom and C