Find chassis number

The Citroën | DS | Peugeot vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number is most easily found on the registration card, as now issued by the RDW, the Dutch National Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authority. But it can also be found on the car itself, for example behind the windscreen or in the engine compartment. The long number almost always starts with "VF".

VIN on the registration card

On the back of the vehicle registration card, the vehicle identification number/VIN or chassis number is listed first, under the letter 'E'. If you are looking for used parts, the last eight digits are usually sufficient for an exact parts selection. If you give this number to our sales team, they will make sure that the part you need is the correct one and will fit your Citroën, DS or Peugeot.

Behind the windscreen

In many of the modern cars, the Citroën | DS | Peugeot vehicle identification number is visible behind the windscreen. At the bottom, near the windscreen wipers, a small window has been made which contains the chassis number. So this is an easy way to find out the VIN number if you are standing near the car. Below is an example.

In door pillar or under bonnet

Fortunately, in most cases you don't have to look for the Citroën Peugeot vehicle identification number in the engine compartment, as there is a sticker on the door pillar. The sticker with the chassis number is easy to read and printed in an easily accessible area. The same sticker usually also includes the Peugeot | DS | Citroën colour code. In many models, the VIN can also be found on the chassis under the bonnet. Exceptions are the Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107 models, where the VIN is punched in under the right front seat.

By VIN number

By sending us your vehicle identification number with your request, we can select exactly the right part for you from our large stock. selecteren. We do not store the VIN number and do not use it for anything other than helping you find the correct part. This means that you will quickly receive the correct part and can start the repair!

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