45 years of history


Bart Ebben Senior turns his great hobby for cars and tinkering into his own company. This starts in his own made Key Bar.


Due to the rapid expansion of the activities in the company, a larger location is quickly sought. Between 1980 and 1981 Bart Ebben settles in Milsbeek.


Originally, Autobedrijf Bart Ebben is a Citroën DS specialist. In 1981 the company was given the name Autobedrijf Bart Ebben and Bart and Gertrud took the branch in Molenhoek into use. Gradually, in addition to the DS models, more and more other Citroëns were taken care of and parts for them were stored. As a result, more and more customers were able to find and appreciate the specialist company. In order to meet the increasing demand, this building was gradually expanded until the decision was made to move.


The company is being refurbished. A new reception area will be added, the warehouse will be overhauled and the property will be painted. The quality and appearance are becoming more and more professional and Bart Ebben also radiates this.


The current building was moved into in 2000 in Malden, at Sluisweg 18. Spacious enough to allow the company to grow further. This created the opportunity to expand the range with the Peugeot brand. The unique combination of both the car company and the parts company could be continued excellently in this building. Since then Bart Ebben Specialist Citroën Peugeot has grown every year and at the same time it has also increasingly become a family business.


In 2003 our company will be 25 years old. This is of course celebrated with a big party. There was a lot going on with a rally show, large tents, a 25 of balloons and many people who all came to have a look. A day to never forget!


In 2012, the building will be given a fresh look after more than 10 years. The whole building is being taken care of to make it more up to date. The modern and fresh look ensures a good first impression with our customers.


Our company is often committed to fun events such as the Molenhoek Day. On this day anyone could paint on a Citroën. After the Molenhoek day, the painted Citroën stood as a showpiece in Bart Ebben's showroom.


From January 1, 2016, the car business will be transferred from Bart Ebben Senior to daughter Carmen and son-in-law Jan.
Jan has been working in the company for 12 years and together they have two lovely children, Max and Kiki.
Carmen and Jan take it car dealership section, where we assemble cars and sell used cars.

Here you will find the car company


In 2018, the opening of our new warehouse ensures better quality and greater quantity. Where the cars and parts used to be outside, in a large field, this field has now been converted into a large warehouse. Here we can store thousands of parts and many cars in a way that the time between order and delivery is minimal. The product reaches the customer faster and faster.


From January 1, 2020, the dismantling company will be transferred to Bart Ebben Junior. Junior takes over the second-hand parts section, where we disassemble cars and sell parts.

The Bart Ebben Citroën DS from 1967


In 2021 we switched to a new website with an extensive webshop. By taking this step, we can better communicate with the customer, especially in the digital field. New functions such as search by license plate and a chatbot ensure that the suitable part is received even faster and more accurately.
Because we now use a new webshop, we have chosen to install modern photo systems. With this we can guarantee that the entire part is crystal clear on the website, so that you know for sure what you are purchasing from us.


In 2022 we gave our corporate identity a new look. We keep up with the times by means of a new fresh green shade and modernizing our logo. We also apply this to our current boxes, website, company clothing and vehicles.

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