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Peugeot 207 used engine with warranty and advice - request one online here

Replace a broken motor by a Peugeot 207 used engine, by doing so you will save money and the environment! Our pre-owned Peugeot 207 engine's have plenty of life left in them and there is often a choice in mileage and price.

We will help you find exactly the right model and supply a top quality used engine with a warranty. Available for Peugeot 207 SW estate and Peugeot 207 CC Convertible models as well.

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Finding a used Peugeot 207 engine

Our used Peugeot 207 engines come with different mileages, of course their prices vary accordingly. Just take a look in our online warehouse to see what's in stock for yourself. Or send us a part request to find out all info regarding the specific Peugeot motor you are looking for. Our salesteam is well trained to work out what engine is suitable for your Pug and will take you through the process of getting it over to your location!

In our stock you can find engine codes like the kft, kfu, kfv, kf01, tu3jp, tu3jpz, tu3ae5, nfu, nfz, tu5jp, tu5jp4, ep3, ep3c, ep6, ep6dt, ep6dts, rfr, 5fs, 5f01, 5fw, 5fx, 5fy, 8fp, 8f01, 8hz, 9hx, 9hy, 9hz, 9hp, 9h02, 9h06, dv6ted4, dv4td, dv6dted, dv6ted4, dv6ated4.

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Used engine parts in stock

Peugeot 207 used engine parts with warranty - Diesel Hdi and petrol

Not only do we stock complete used engines, we can also supply a wide range of used engine parts for the Peugeot 207. So for an engine repair we have got a second hand crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft, timing cover, oil sump, oil pump, turbocharger, engine cover or engine mount in stock as well. 

Worldwide Peugeot 207 used engine shipment

We can ship a second hand Peugeot 207 engine worldwide. By sending us a part request our salesmen will use their technical knowledge making sure you receive the right engine as easy as possible. We take no risks regarding the proper packaging material and experienced, automotive shipping companies.

Important instructions and tips for replacing a Peugeot 207 engine

We have produced a list with instructions and tips below. This is to help you make sure the used Peugeot engine is fitted per manufacturers recommendation and that our replacement motor gives you the reliability and longevity you expect. Please pay careful attention to the following engine mounting instructions when replacing a Peugeot used engine:

1.    Compare both Peugeot 207 engines (old one and the replacement unit)  thoroughly. Parts that are different should be inspected and cleaned before mounting on the ‘new’ engine.

2.    New oil and oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (petrol engines), fuel filters and thermostat replaced. Check the engine for extra (often well hidden) oil filters like a gauze or sieve.

3.    Timing belt tensioners checked, belt and v-belt replaced following manufacturers instructions.

4.    It is recommended that diesel engines have their glow plugs tested and replaced ideally in sets.

5.    All oil seals should be checked and replaced as required.

6.    If the previous engine failed due to overheating the cause must be found and the radiator should be   pressure and flow tested to ensure that it was not the cause.

7.    Coolant hoses checked and replaced as required.

8.    Use starter motor to build up oil pressure before you start the engine!

9.    The cooling system must be refilled with new antifreeze mix and be bled as per manufacturers recommendations.

      Incorrect bleeding of the system can cause an air lock and subsequent overheating resulting in engine damage, this damage will not be covered by the warranty.

If there are any problems after carefully following all the steps above, please contact our company.

Is your 207 engine not listed below? Please check our online catalogue of used Peugeot 207 engines and engine parts or feel free to contact us.

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Peugeot 207 used engine parts

Peugeot 207 used Engine Peugeot 207 used Head cylinder Peugeot 207 used Turbocharger Peugeot 207 used Flywheel Peugeot 207 used Pan/sump oil Peugeot 207 used Guide roller / pulley Peugeot 207 used Camshaft Peugeot 207 used Crankshaft Peugeot 207 used Cylinder block Peugeot 207 used Oil pump Peugeot 207 used Motor bak steun Peugeot 207 used Vacuum Peugeot 207 used Cover timing Peugeot 207 used Valve cover Peugeot 207 used Engine parts Peugeot 207 used EGR

Peugeot 207 used engine examples

Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 16v 8fp 8f01 ep3c vti/ zie 0135qz 0139wr Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 16v 8fs ep3 vvt/ zie 0135kk 0139sk Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 16v kfu et3j4/ zie 0135jw 0139rz Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 8v kft kf01 tu3ae5/ Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 8v kfv tu3jp/ 54-75/ +egr Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.4 8v kfv tu3jp/ 54-75/ -egr Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v 5fs 5f01 ep6c vti/ zie 0135rl 0135rs Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v 5fw ep6 vti/ 88kw-120pk/ zie 0135ln 0135lt 0139ts Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v 5fx ep6dt thp/ 150pk/ v754004580/ zie 0135kg Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v 5fx/ zie 0135nx 0139tk 0135pk 0139sh 1610562080 Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v 5fy ep6dts thp/ 175pk/ 1606924680/ zie 0135kg Peugeot 207 used engine b 1.6 16v nfu tu5jp4/ 80-110/ 0135jy 0139se Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.4 8v 8hz dv4td/ 50-70/ Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.6 16v 9h02 dv6ated4/ -fab/ zie 0135qf 0139vv 0139ty Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.6 16v 9hx 9h02 dv6ated4/ zie 0135hv 0139ty 0139vv Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.6 16v 9hy -fab dv6ted4 Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.6 16v 9hz 9hv +fab dv6ted4/ zie 0135lk rp 0135qe Peugeot 207 used engine hdi 1.6 8v 9hp 9h06 dv6dted/ zie 0135sw 0139xc

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