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Used car parts CitroŽn Xantia

As a supplier for used car parts Citroën Xantia we sell auto parts worldwide. Send us a Citroen Xantia car parts requestThe website is equipped with an online warehouse featuring an online ordering option as well. The actual stock from this professional cardismantler specialised in Citroen and Peugeot is shown online, you can find lots more than just engines and gearboxes. Search for all possible Citroën Xantia used car parts easily in our online catalogue.


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Wide range of used parts Citroen Xantia

In our warehouse a wide range of used parts Citroen Xantia can be found including an engine, gearboxe, electrical parts like Airbags, throttle bodies, relais, ECU engine management computers, heater fans, hydraulic pumps, suspension spheres etc. Or body panels like doors, bonnets, bumpers or mirrors and interior parts like seats, seat belts, a dashboard or heating control panels as well. Check our second hand car parts stock yourself or send us a parts request.


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Finding all common Citroën Xantia used spare parts is possible from behind your desk in our online catalogue or just give us a call. Our salesmen are ready to help you out, either they will answer your questions by phone or they will send you all information by email quickly.

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Please find a few examples of used car parts Citroën Xantia below:

Citroen Xantia gearbox (transmission)

Citroen Xantia engine and engine parts
Citroen Xantia ECU - engine computer
Citroen Xantia cylinder head
Citroen Xantia door
Citroen Xantia starter motor
Citroen Xantia alternator
Citroen Xantia high pressure pump (suspension)
Citroen Xantia height control valve
Citroen Xantia steering control valve
Citroen Xantia suspension control block
Citroen Xantia catalytic converter


Just ask us for the Citroen Xantia used car parts you need

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With over 40 years of experience as a professional cardismantler we know exactly which car part you need. With our specialisme in Citroën and Peugeot cars and vans our stock is based on exactly those spares where there's a demand for. 

Feel free to contact our salesteam on used car parts straight away.