About our carparts

We have been supplying Citroën, DS and Peugeot parts since 1978. Our company specialises in the reuse of quality used parts. All of the parts we offer are actually in stock so we can deliver them very quickly. We also have a very large range of new parts, such as sheet metal and electronics.

Despite our extensive stock, there may be certain parts that even we don't have. Just send us a request and we will search our network throughout Europe to find your part.

We also recondition parts. From engines to radios and from spring cylinders to ABS units. Please contact us If you would like to have your own part reconditioned.

Inexpensive & durable used parts

With the price level of used parts, which is roughly half of the new price, you are doing your wallet a great favour. But second-hand parts are not only economical, they are also sustainable. After all, direct reuse results in less use of raw materials, less energy consumption and less waste/pollution worldwide.

The steps of our parts

1: Professional disassembly
The whole process at Bart Ebben starts with receiving a used car. This car is inventoried through a program, so we determine which parts are dismantled for resale and which parts are recycled or scrapped.

After this car has been inventoried, the car is placed on one of our disassembly bridges installed. Here our dismantler can see which parts need to be removed from the car. The parts are carefully removed from the car one by one and labeled with a name and code.

This results in a shelf full of labeled second-hand parts and a lot of extra material that we recycle, such as iron.

2: Quality Control
Now that all the parts are disassembled and labeled, it's on to the control room. Every part is carefully cleaned and inspected here. Attention is paid to possible damage, cracks, color differences and much more. These are repaired or overhauled. This ensures that every part goes out in the best way and the status is always clearly communicated.

3: Digitize Parts
After cleaning and inspecting a part, we move on to digitizing. Here we start by writing down all the numbers that belong to this part. For example, a part number. We also describe characteristics such as a brand, damage, adjustments, additions, color and many others.

After we have collected all information, we take pictures of our parts in the Orbitvu. This is a professional photo booth that takes photos from all views. In addition to photographing all views, we also take additional photos for plugs, labels and details.

With the information and clear photos of the part, we can now complete it digitally. All information and photos go into our program and it is determined which variant the part falls under. The price is also determined by means of our price module. Now the part is complete on our website and database.

4: Storage in Warehouse
The part is then carefully packed and labeled. This part goes to one of our large warehouses and gets a designated place. This place is linked to the label so that we can always find our parts quickly. Each part is stored optimally and efficiently, so that the part remains in perfect condition for many years.

Now that the part is in the warehouse, it is ready to be sold via our website or telephone.

5: Order Control
After a part has been sold, someone from our shipping team takes the part out of the warehouse. This part is carefully checked again for all characteristics. It is also checked whether the part fits 100% on the customer's car. We do this by means of a customer's OEM number or VIN number.

Now that everything is in order, the part is marked, so we guarantee the highest quality parts.

6: Worldwide Shipment
The last step is to pack the part. This is done accurately with specialist packaging materials in our Bart Ebben boxes, which can be recognized by our logo, slogan and component icons. A return form is added and the box is closed.

The box is now ready to be picked up by one of our suppliers, i.e. DHL, PostNL and Mainfreight. They ensure that the part is delivered to the customer as soon as possible, so that the car can quickly get back on the road!

Quality control on second-hand parts

Not a single part leaves our factory without an accurate quality check. In addition, each part is selected according to the chassis number of the Citroën, DS or Peugeot to which it will be fitted. By consistently performing these checks, we can guarantee the supply of the correct part.

If a problem nevertheless arises with a part supplied by us, you can always fall back on our warranty as set out in this example.

Used parts from Bart Ebben have a standard warranty of 3 months. If there are any problems with a part during this period, it will be replaced free of charge (excluding labour and shipping costs).

Description of sheet metal quality & damages

To describe the exact condition of our used sheet metal we use a code system from the USA. These codes precisely and clearly describe the location, nature and size of any damage. You can find the quality code card with description below:

The code
The code is made up of three characters:
A number indicating the position of the damage
A letter indicating the type of damage
A figure for the extent of the damage

Size of the Damage
The extent of the damage is expressed in credit card format. Damage up to and including one credit card has code 1, damage of the size of two credit cards will naturally obtain code 2.

Type Damage
The type of damage is indicated by a letter
B: Fire
D: Dent
E: Bent
F: Discolored
G: Hole
J: Torn
S: Scratch
R: Surface rust
T: Paint problems
O: Undamaged/ All-over
U: Dent removal without spraying

Example: Code 5S2 at a rear door
5: Place in the middle of the door
S: Type of damage is a scratch
2: 2x the size of a credit card (approx. 10cm.)
Code 000 = Undamaged

Ordering body parts by Citroën or Peugeot colour code

Ordering second-hand body parts is a lot easier when you use a Peugeot or Citroën colour code. You can use these codes to take a look at our online spare parts stock. The colour code can usually be found on parts like the bonnet, door, boot lid, front bumper, rear bumper, wing mirror, front screen or rear window. We have drafted an explanation of how to find a Citroën or Peugeot color code on your car.

Extensive quality control

We check our parts thoroughly on their working order in the car and also after removal. Any minor defects are recorded for the part and communicated to you by the seller at the time of your selection. Excessive defects will of course lead to rejection of the part. Below are some images of some tests we do to determine the quality of parts:

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