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Citroen C4 picasso Engine - HDI 1.6 16V 9HZ

HDI 1.6 16V 9HZ 9H01 DV6TED4 +FAB/ ZIE 0135QE 0139VT

Car brand Citroen
Model C4-picasso
Part group Engine-ancills
Part Engine
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REVISIE EX BTW -DIS 9H01 10JBBN 0026609 BE372 V1700512 BE
KM: 000
price: On request
2 foto's
9H02 90PK T9685293080 TD025S2-06T4 0375N5 RP 0375Q2 0375Q4 RP 0375Q3 BOSCH P9683703780 0445010102 1920HT 1921Q5 V0445110311 1980L1 RP 1609850980 1980CQ RP 1609851080 10JBAV 0041511 0135HV RP 0135QF 0139TY RP 0139VV DD
KM: 112.000
price: On request
9HX 90PK 10JB66 3200453 T9662371080 4917307504 0375J0 0375N5 BOSCH P9656300380 0445010102 1920HT 1921Q5 V0445110239 1980H2 DD
KM: 135.000
price: On request
9HX 90PK 10JB39 0003592 T9657530580 BOSCH P1920HT 9656300380 V1980L1 0445110239 DD
KM: 140.000
price: On request
E1 !9HX -TURBO BOSCH P1920HT 1921Q5 V1980H2 1609850180 1980CR 1609850280 10JB39 0086754 0135HV 0135QF 0139TY 0139VV STOCK 5754 VIN 84340802 EJ
KM: 260.000
price: On request
E1 9HY 110PK T0375J6 T0375J8 BOSCH P1920HT P1921Q5 V1980H3 RP 1609850380 1980CS RP 16098504880 10JB35 0006028 0135GK RP 0135QE 0139VA RP 0139VT DD
KM: 271.000
price: On request
!9HY !-TURBO BOSCH P1920FZ 1921Q4 V1980H3 RP 1609850380 1980CS RP 1609850480 110JB01 3011370 0135GK RP 0135QE 0139VA RP 0139VT RVV EJ
KM: 291.000
price: On request

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