Deposit on used parts

Circular company

We charge a deposit on a number of used, reconditioned but also new parts from our large assortment. We do this in order to continue meeting the demand for particular parts. We will either recondition the old part or recycle certain components, such as the sump or valve cover of a broken engine. This ensures that as many second-hand parts as possible get a new life and we can continue to meet demand.


Deposit request

How does deposit on parts work?

We ask for a deposit on an engine block, gearbox or ECU set, for example, and it works in the same way as with empty bottles. We charge an additional fee on top of the price of the part and any shipping costs. We refund this deposit as soon as we receive the old, defective car part (within 4 weeks after purchase and delivered clean).

Sample calculation of deposit

An example: Price of engine block with trade-in of the old engine €950 + deposit €150 Total €1,100 After returning the old defective engine we refund the €150 deposit.

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